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Naeeman is a convenient way to search, discover, and book appointments with your favorite salons.

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Best app ever!!! ?✨⭐️

I have used other apps from big names but nothing compares to Naeeman! It has completely changed the way I do business and helps me save money as I can promote my business on the Marketplace without paying any extra fees for Marketing. 


My clients can book online through Naeeman app and they can manage their own bookings without having to call me each time. Not only that saves me money, but it also saves me and my clients a LOT of time. My clients simply LOVE IT so do I !!!❤️?

SO Convenient! EASY to use 🙂

My first time using this scheduling platform and COULDN’T be HAPPIER. SUPER user-friendly from my iPhone, easy to find merchants, SUPER easy and clear on how to navigate where to find salon availability, or what the next step is.

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